Don’t Retire (Shale & Anders)

Random Prompt Generator demanded I write Shale/Anders - Time Marches On. So I have finally sat down and wrote it. Once done contemplated for several hours on posting, even took a nap. Eventually asked my trusty coin to decide for me. I lost. I don’t trust it anymore. So blame the coin. While I try to pretend I never wrote this.

This bit is excerpted from a WIP of mine, Ad Infinitum. (Which was written for this prompt)

Ad Infinitum: Don’t Retire (Shale & Anders)

“How long does it plan to unproductively reminisce?”

Anders frowned at the disturbance, traveling with Shale had been at times, trying. The golem was almost purposely trying to incite him. Constantly bothering him whenever he was lost in thought, but she gave them purpose when they had none, “I am just waiting for a delivery, Shale. Once it gets here I will continue my research.” He reasoned as he turned to her, “You didn’t honestly expect me to just be able to turn you back into a dwarf, after a week worth of research.” the look on the golem said she did.

He leaned against the balcony’s banister, “Tevinter may have more magical expertise than the rest of Thedas, but that doesn’t mean everything will come easy. I don’t think there have been other golems who sought out a way to change back in the first place. Besides it’s not like we don’t have all the time in the world.”

Shale sighed as she folded her well sculpted arms. Anders chuckled weakly, remembering how Hawke always tried to make puns, often failing, not that ever stopped her, much to their dismay. What he wouldn’t do to hear her voice, even if all she said were horrible puns.

A stone brow rose as he shook his head, “I thought it would be happily frolicking among other squishy mages by now. Is it not happy to be here?”

“Tevinter isn’t what I thought it would be. I hadn’t met anyone outside Tevinter who wasn’t a bit biased against mages, so I guess I had hoped they were exaggerating.” He answered with a somber tone.

“If it isn’t pleased, why not change it like it did Kirkwall.” Shale pointed out.

Ah, Kirkwall. No one was ever going to let him live it down, not even himself. But Justice was interested in what Shale was suggesting. Maker, leave it to the spirit to keep picking up causes they had no expertise in. Leave the revolutions to the revolutionist rather than wanna-bes.

“I’d rather not. I’ve spent more than a lifetime trudging thru sewers and the like.” Giving her a small smile, “I am not much of a revolutionary, if I had to resort to that to get people to act.”

Shale sighed again, for a golem she did that quite a lot, “Isn’t the leader of the mages here? Why not take his place?”

Anders frowned; she couldn’t possibly suggesting, “You want me to replace the Black Divine?”

“It would be a vast improvement from staring off into the distance. And the other squishy mages were impressed by it.” Shale drawled.

“That is because I haven’t aged since Kirkwall and I don’t even know why I haven’t.” He replied. He had suspected it had something to do with Justice.

Hawke had said to make it up to her. Wouldn’t correcting this injustice honor her wish?

Justice was definitely sold on the idea. At least their time in the Deep Roads had made the spirit less impatient and impulsive. Two against one, “I suppose we have all the time in the world, might as well kill two birds with one stone. Not saying we should actually kill birds.” He added before Shale could get any ideas about him fireballing random avian life.

Shale gives him a disappointed frown, “Hmph. I see it does not have the stomach to fight such vermin. Very well, I shall protect the nightlight from vermin and the like. And maybe I’ll get to crush someone head as a bonus.” She said in a way Anders assumed was reassuring before she left him to his own devices.

Perhaps it was time to move on, instead of reminiscing about the past every two minutes. Perhaps it was time to do right by them.

Besides he hadn’t thought a good retirement plan yet.


I don’t secretly wish to see a fic with Anders as either related to the Black Divine or as the Black Divine. Your just imagining it.

The prompt Generator likes to challenge me with weird prompts. Why would I say that? Well let’s see it just said, Danarius/Anders - Serenade.

Do you want to know what I thought when that came up. I thought of Fenris’s companion quest Alone only with Danarius dropping everything to Serenade Anders much to everyone confusion. You should have seen the look on everybody’s face. Hilarious especially Anders, Fenris, and Hawke. Varric was of course saying, “No one’s going to believe this shit.”

Either that or Hawke/Anders - There’s something I need to tell you, which is a lot less weird. And yes I am only taking prompts with Anders in it, why because I want to get better at writing him.