anders being so used to being addressed with negative titles such as “the abomination” or “the monster” in normal conversation that they’ve begun to lose their sting and become something he’s now accepted as apart of himself even though they are a reminder of something he regrets and cannot fix.

hawke refusing to use or accept these titles when used towards anders in any shape or form and choosing to use every form of endearment he possibly can when speaking to or about him instead. things like “darling”, or “whiskers”, or “love”, or even just anders for a change. because if he doesn’t no one will and he refuses to see someone he cares about be treated like they are lesser than.

anders not realizing how much it means to him to just be considered human for once with an name and valid feelings and mistakes and ambitions — someone who is worth listening to and to be taken seriously for what is important to them, whether it be the plight or the manifesto or the names of the kittens he supports in darktown.

just anders being able to crawl into bed with hawke to have a kiss pressed to his forehead and arms wrapped around him so tight and to be reminded that he deserves all of this and more — and he shouldn’t have to earn it — not from anyone. 

Anonymous sent: Anders in a cat bed was just genius. I practically choked on my soda when I saw him. xD


I was unaware there was an alternative.


31 Days of Halloween Art Challenge / Oct 9 / Candles: After the events of Legacy, Hawke finds Anders thinking alone in the dark. (I guess I like drawing miserable Anders? Who then get’s cuddled. Yaaay.)


Just before I fell asleep last night this popped into mind with a mighty need.

Dialogue taken from Parks and Rec.


200 years ago abigailwlker and I had a conversation about hawke and anders choreographing their spellcasting moves, and i finally drew something for it


holy wow I did it

sketchy as hell but I had fun! Also my first time making a full blown comic (sort of, might wanna open them in new tabs to see them closer)

This was such a cute prompt awwwwww UwU Have some happy Anders guys


"Anders’ dream.. It was so beautiful. I wanted it more than anything. I wanted it for him…

And I wanted it for you.”

Based on a comic by the lovely hawkeward. Some years after Kirkwall, Justice is all that Anders is, and Hawke is no longer needed. 

Aubrey Hawke + Anders