wow, I just spent a little time browsing my picture file and realising that it’s pretty much been taken over by DA art, hahaha XD
I have no idea if it’s a done thing really, but I pulled out a selection of commissioned pics showing Anders’s adventures in eviltwin land for you, haha. I owe major thanks to the wonderful people who have allowed me, and even funded me, to draw their ideas and their characters, thank you SO much, you lovely, lovely people *evilhugs* Commissioned pics like this are still quite new to me, and not something I’ve really considered doing before…you guys are amazing.

This is in all honesty the first fandom that has even inspired me to do fanart to this scale…bioware, you are awesome! But I know that it’s this community that keeps me doing it ^_^
The levels of fiction and art that come out of this fandom are just amazing!
Evil Dragon Age hi fives all round! xx
featured Hawkes: Anne (Elleblr), Correm (SerahBex), Garrett (a1879), Elske (Mae), Issaac (woofles), Saoirse (magesmagesmages), Wilhemina (surelyforth)

Anders and his many Hawkes.

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    Queued post. Let’s just see this beauty again later, shall we?
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    D R O O L I N G and S C R E A M I N G
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    ********* So much beautiful, sexy Anders- get on my dash NAOW! Emma, seriously, your art is beyond amazing.
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    Allow me to squeee at you: SQUEEEEEEE!!! Thank you SO much ^_^ I think I may have mentioned how much I love your writing...
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    Oh sweet mother of nghhhh….Um yes, what I mean to say is that holy Maker that threesome is the hottest thing ever what...
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    These are lovely. The emotions are wonderful.
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    Reblogging DA Porn at school
  12. autumnyte said: Love all of these, and still adore that Anders/Hawke/Fenris commission you did for me. <3
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    Anders and his many Hawkes.
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    There are so many moods conveyed here and so many moments and so many different Hawke/Anders dynamics and you portray...